Badger Surveys

Badger sett

A detailed badger survey may be required if a potential badger sett has been identified on a Phase 1 Habitat Survey or if there are known records of badgers within the vicinity of the site.

A detailed badger survey would consist of a thorough walkover of the site (including up to 30m beyond its boundaries, where possible, as badger tunnels may extend significant distances from the entrance) and would record on a map the number of badger holes, their orientation and whether they were active, together with any latrines, paths, foraging signs or hairs caught on fencing. Occasionally, remote camera traps may be employed at sites to gain a fuller picture of how the site is being used by badger. The badger sett(s) would then be classified such that potential impacts can be understood and appropriate mitigation can be discussed, designed and agreed with you.

Walkover badger surveys can be conducted at any time of year, although badgers are most active between March-October.