Great Crested Newt Surveys

Great crested newts are legally protected as individuals but their places of shelter are also protected. As great crested newts spend most of their time on land, it’s possible these animals could be impacted by a development even if a pond will not be adversely affected. If the ecological appraisal, Phase 1 habitat survey or protected species survey has identified potential for this species within the development site, detailed surveys of suitable ponds may be necessary to ensure that no newts are negatively impacted during the development.

The surveys involve visiting suitable ponds 4-6 times during March-June to determine presence or absence of great crested newts and, if present, to estimate their population size. If newts are found we will discuss with you the available options for how to mitigate for the presence of newts within the development site.

All the Ecolocation ecologists hold great crested newt licences and are very experienced in this type of survey. We are also experienced in the delivery of great crested newt mitigation projects under a mitigation licence.