Protected Species Surveys

Barn set in rough grassland

Perhaps you are yet to purchase a piece of land but you require a survey that would identify any potential significant constraints in relation to protected species mitigation? Perhaps the habitat within your site is so small or of such low ecological value, that an in depth Ecological Appraisal/ Phase 1 Habitat Survey is not necessary? If this is the case, then our ecologists can provide you with a tailored quotation for a protected species survey and report, most suitable for your needs.

A Protected Species Survey would focus on the potential of the site to support any protected species scoped into the remit of the survey including noting evidence of any such species and indicating the overall potential of the site to support these species. Such surveys are often relevant for barn conversions where there may be potential for bats, owls, other breeding birds in the barn and possibly badger, but where the surrounding habitat is so small or of such low value that a Phase 1 habitat survey would be unnecessary.