Bat Surveys

Bat SurveyOf the 17 bat species known to breed in the UK, most of these rely on structures such as houses, barns, bridges, cellars or trees in which to roost. Consequently, many types of development have the potential to impact bats and, as such, bat surveys are often requested to support a planning application.

An initial bat survey also known as Preliminary Roost Assessment is the first stage of investigation and can be undertaken at any time of year. This involves the ecologist assessing any potential access points for bats, checking for possible roosting opportunities as well as searching for individual bats and their droppings. If evidence of bats is found or cannot be ruled out, then further bat activity surveys are likely to be necessary.

When can Bat Surveys be Conducted?

Bat activity surveys can only be conducted when bats are active between May-September. This involves bat surveyors watching a structure at dusk and dawn to look for bats emerging from, or returning to, their roost. An assessment of the roost type can then be made as well as an estimate of numbers in that roost and the access points favoured by the bats.

If evidence of roosting bats is confirmed, proportionate mitigation will need to form part of the design proposals and we would discuss such options with you. Initial bat survey prices start from £295+VAT.